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Updated 1/26/2022

Wow. Two years since the last update, which was just before Covid hit.This page is getting harder and harder to maintain as more and more Palm everything goes away. Basically, there are no more official Palm Support Pages and many old Palm sites have links that don't work. In some cases, when I find a free app gone, I upload it to this site. I have done that with Palm Desktop as there is no longer an official site to download the from (although, see the Syncpedia link below). They are in the download links further down.

This page was set up originally as an organized set of bookmarks of all Palm TX information and apps I was usually trying to dig up when helping people with questions on Brighthand Forums. That was back in 2008. Now, finally, sadly, Brighthand is gone. I've had to replace links to Brighthand with links to spidered pages in the Internet Archive. They may be roughly formatted, not have media and links may not work, but the information is still there. So, at this point, this site is purely historical and archival. I will revisit this page periodically and make sure the links are still working for as long as possible, but I am not actively updating it or adding to it. I still have my TX, though it doesn't get a lot of use, I'll confess. I hope that, as long as people still do use Palms out there, this page may yet be useful.

Very little of what's here is my doing or authorship. A lot of credit goes to the Brighthand gang, probably the most helpful group of folks I've ever run across on the net.

This is mostly TX stuff, but many of the links here are valuable for a wide number of Palms. Some of these links are pretty old, but then so are the TXs (and many of us). ;-)

Palm TX Support and FAQs
Palm TX Essential Apps

Palm TX Support and FAQs

Palm Resets

Information about how to perform the different kinds of resets on your Palm.The official Palm Resets page is gone, but this one from Brighthand is good. The method 1 zero-out reset applies to the Palm TX

How to upgrade to the TX from a Previous Palm

This is more universal than it sounds. The general outline of these instructions can be applied to upgrading to any unit and always can be handy if something is corrupted on your device and you need to hard reset and start over.

Blazer Tips and Tricks

A guide by the great Wozofoz at Brighthand, who at one time depended on Blazer for almost all of his Internet experience.

Clever Stuff, DAs, etc.

Another great information thread started by Wozofoz!

How to choose and setup a wireless router for TX

Although an older thread, much of it still applies. Unfortunately, unless you have your hands on a very old router, you are likely not going to get much satisfaction out of the TX's wifi capabilities anymore.

Guide: Installing Opera Mini

An alternative Browser to Blazer. To be truthful, I installed it and went back to Blazer, but many people like this. The current download link for the right version of Opera Mini is now HERE

Palm Db

A last, great source of Palm freeware. A trully impressive library. Hope it survives.

Syncpedia Palm Desktop Files

A recently created resource for a wide range of versions of Palm Desktop, not just ones suitable for the TX. For both Windows (up to version 10) and Mac. A great resource for older Palm devices.

Palm Dr. (Chris Short)

Highly recommended repair and quality refurb source for Palm OS PDAs. Also an invaluable source for original model install CDs! In general, THIS is probably one of the MOST VALUABLE PALM RESOURCES that remains on the net

TealPoint Software

This is one of the last remaining websites that sells and supports Palm OS software. The site hasn't been updated in a long time. I actually tested it (bought an app I didn't need) in August 2021. Everything still works on the site and I very quickly received my reg code. I suspect it's all automated. Great software. Haven't tried to get actual people-based support from them.

Palm Powerups

A source of some fantastic free software. particularly for Palm OS 5. Thanks, Dimitry.


Palm TX Essential Software

These are a very few important, mostly free 3rd party applications that I am regularly referring people to. A couple I am hosting locally because they are not always easy to find.

Palm Desktop 4.1.4E (18,221KB)
Palm Desktop 6.2 (71,517 KB)

I have decided to host two versions of Palm Desktop at this site. The first is Palm Desktop 4.1.4E, which was a generic version and a version of 6.2 that I downloaded from CNET. I have not installed either and I recommend using these only if you really need to, but if you can find the install CD for your specific device from Chris Short(Palm Dr., link above) I would highly recommend doing that. The TX does best with PD 4.2, which is only available on the TX CD. Also, as you can see, these are b-i-i-i-i-g downloads.

64 Bit Drivers for TX and WIN7/8/10 plus Suport Information

This page has the 64 bit USB driver downloads needed to sync Palm Desktop 6.2.2 with Win 7/8/10. This is from Chris Short's web site, mentioned above, and includes clear instructions for you to do it on your own (or you can pay him to help).


Excellent and free Backup program for TX. Makes a compete clone of your TX to your memory card.

Filez 6.8.1(159KB)

Free, simple file manager.indispensable utility

TCPMP (all Palm Codecs) download (1311Kb)

This is a zip file that will download from this link. It contains the program and all media codecs for the Palm bundled together. (the Sony and Tapwave codecs have been removed). This is the best video player for Palm, period. A decent audio player as well. Freeware.

tejpwriter3.50 download (395Kb)

Unusual but very powerful free Text Editor and documentation

IBM JVM 5.7.1 download (1815Kb)

Java midlet manager for TX, needed for Opera Mini.

Palm UWK driver version 1.13 download (33Kb)

This is the correct driver for the TX for the Palm Universal Wireless Keyboard (UWK), IR, Model (SKU) #3169WW or 3169WWZ. This is ONLY for the keyboard described.

MyInstall version 1.20 download (14Kb)

An alternative for installing programs and syncing files from your SD card when you are away from the computer you sync with

mRouter download (8426Kb)
mRouter Bluetooth Internet Tutorial

A free program for setting up a bluetooth router connection for using your computer's internet connection on your Palm. Note that I have never used this and have no experience with it.

Kurt Dekker Games for PalmOS

A classic trove of Palm OS games from Kurt Dekker, released as freeware when he could no longer support them. This fantastic library provided by Raspy at BH! Thanks, man!